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Will your supply chain face friction due to Brexit?

April 22, 2017

A supply chain that currently has anything to do with either the EU or the UK is very likely to be impacted by Brexit. The degree of the impact will naturally vary, but it will be there. Like this blog has said earlier, denial or cheering of Brexit happening in just 706 days, is not recommended. Instead you should prepare. For the good and the bad. Business is not about political opinions or sovereignty of parliamentary decision making, but about creating value to the owners of the business. That is way The Brexit Counter once again urges you to move.


In the context of supply chain there are basically two kinds of impact to expect:

  1. Your direct supply chain is directly impacted, i.e. your direct supply chain crosses the UK-EU border, or

  2. Your supply chain will be impacted indirectly. In this case your suppliers or customers business or access to raw materials etc. gets impacted.

In both cases it will be your business that will take the pain, and that is why you should be prepared. Each business has their own characteristics and that is why the analysis needs to be done for your business. You can hire a consultant, they'll be happy to help, or you can do it yourself. The most important thing is to act. And rather sooner than later. The leading consulting company Bain & Co. has made an excellent framework on supply chain impact and a strategy to tackle it. The Brexit Counter strongly recommends this approach for all businesses regardless of the size of the business.





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