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716 days to Brexit, like it or not - stop arguing, start planning

April 12, 2017

You most likely have noticed that much of the Brexit related discussion is still about whether Brexit is good or bad for the EU and Britain or if it will even happen. Take a look at e.g. Twitter.


It's just astonishing that the discussion hasn't really gone forward, as the clock is ticking (716 days to go) and as PM May has said "There is no turning back." Whether you like it or not, Brexit is going to happen in 716 days.


The focus of the discussion should now move on to how to live with the rather inevitable fact. Surely, the fact is that you cannot make an exact plan, when you don't know the outcome of the negotiations about to start soon. What you however do know, is that there can either be a:

  • a negotiated solution, or

  • a Brexit without a negotiated result on future arrangement, i.e. the pure hard Brexit.

The later option will have more impact for your business, so that might be the one to focus on. The result of the first one is unknown until the end of the negotiations, is certainly at least uncertain and easier to accommodate if you've prepared your business for the second option.


How do you feel? Do you think it's time to move on? Discuss below or in Twitter with hashtag #brexitcounter.

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