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The Brexit Counter reading tip of the day (#1)

April 11, 2017

There is a huge amount of analysis and reporting produced around Brexit right now. As it can be hard to find all of the or decide what to read, the Brexit Counter is giving you some suggestions.


The first Brexit Counter reading tip of the day is the "Brexit - Options for a future regulatory framework for trade in services and customs and trade procedures between the EU and the UK" by the National Board of Trade Sweden or Kommerskollegium as it is called in Swedish. You can naturally read the whole Swedish language version if you are fluent enough in Swedish (or have fun with Google Translate), but already the English language summary is a good review on the regulatory options for the future EU-UK relationship.


The conclusion of the report says "no matter which option will be the result of the withdrawal negotiations, it will mean a deterioration compared to that which applies today in trade between the EU and the UK."


And by the way, it's T minus 717 days, and the clock keeps on ticking down.

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