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This is the Brexit Counter, your source of information on Brexit, the process in which the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. The Brexit counter will give you a coverage of news, glossary and of course the countdown to brexit and other key events when their timeline is fixed.

The Brexit Counter focuses on the business impact of Brexit and relevant thought provoking discussion.

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Recent Posts

April 22, 2017

A supply chain that currently has anything to do with either the EU or the UK is very likely to be impacted by Brexit. The degree of the impact will naturally vary, but it will be there. Like this blog has said earlier, denial or cheering of Brexit happening in just 70...

April 13, 2017

Influencing on decision making is a essential skill to any business professional. It applies to both business-to-business context as well as your business environment context. In reference to the second item, you need at least to understand how a business environment i...